Natural Evolution to Control



Is the Smart Mouse to do what you wish

OVO is a pair of smart rings that let your micro gestures replace your mouse or touchpad. It enables your fingers to control your smart devices from any surface, in circumstances that are more flexible, comfortable, precise and most importantly, they are natural gestures.

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Natural Gesture?

Natural Gesture?

A simple gesture allows you to do better

Empowering your finger gestures to do more and greater job, with increased ability to combine different features for you to tap, scroll, rotate, zoom in and out, and more. There is no learning curve for OVO. Controls are simplistic and intuitive.

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With highly accurate sensing technology derived from extreme sports sensors, OVO is capable to record over 10,000 data points per second.

We need your voice to help us do better!

Thunderclap is the world's first crowdspeaking platform, more than 7 million people used it, We hope you can donate your social reach to help us create OVO.

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Ring Feature

  • Wireless Mouse

    It’s a smart mouse, touchpad, keyboard, you can name it whatever you like. It simply allows you to control your computer on any surface. You will be surprised the precision and accuracy of OVO.

  • Ergonomic

    Don’t force yourself to apply a tool that doesn’t fit your hand. OVO is custom crafted for you to interact with your devices most efficiently and safely.

  • Easy to carry

    You no longer need to carry something specifically that already fits into your fingers. OVO is just a small and cool looking accessory of your hand.

  • Air Surface

    We are born to point things, draw things to help articulates. OVO allows you to control on any surface or space you like. You can use your fingers with OVO to scroll up and down, swipe through pages, highlight points for a presentation, or gamings, whatever you can think of.

  • Infinite Gesture

    OVO allows you to create new gestures by connecting with other smart devices. Remembering it once, and recognize it after. Snaps your fingers to turn on the room lights is no longer a magic.

  • Open Source Library

    We'd like to share this amazing idea to the community. OVO's open API are meant to integrate with other smart devices seamlessly.